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Bankruptcy Dismissed Vs Discharged

Difference Between Dismissal And Discharge Not many people are familiar with bankruptcy and for this reason many people are not familiar with bankruptcy terms. “Dismissed” and “discharged” are two terms that sometimes cause confusion for people who file for bankruptcy for the first time or are thinking of filing. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can answer […]

How Old Do You Have To Be To File For Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy Young One popular misconception is that most of the people who file for bankruptcy are people of a certain age who have been financially irresponsible for years. That is people who misuse credit cards or people who buy expensive homes, cars and other things they don’t really need with loans that they cannot […]

Partial Bankruptcy

Partial Bankruptcy In Florida Most people drowning in credit card debt, have lost their jobs ,are unable to pay their bills, or have fallen behind in mortgage payments consider filing for bankruptcy. But a significant number of people view filing for bankruptcy as an extreme move, and wonder whether it is possible to file for […]

Renting After Bankruptcy

Can I Rent After Bankruptcy? People who are in deep financial trouble and cannot pay back their debts often file for bankruptcy to get relief. Unfortunately, people focus too much on the drawbacks of filing for bankruptcy that they only file for bankruptcy when they are stuck financially and cannot afford to pay their own […]

Bankruptcy Dismissal Vs Discharge

Bankruptcy Dismissal Vs Discharge Since most people do not find themselves in a situation where they have to file for bankruptcy, many are ignorant about what bankruptcy actually entails. For this reason, many people are not familiar with most terms used in the bankruptcy process. This can be very frustrating for someone who is thinking […]

You Must Be This Many Years Old To File Bankruptcy

Age To File Bankruptcy Not all people get into debt because they were irresponsible with credit cards in an effort to keep up appearances. The reason why there has been a surge in bankruptcy filing by seniors is because of healthcare, scams targeted at the elderly, and the shrinking social safety net. Filing Bankruptcy Young […]