Zero Down Bankruptcy in Tampa Florida

The Zooberg Law Firm now offers clients the ability to file Chapter 7 cases for $0.00 attorney fees down!

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No Money Down Chapter 7

Traditionally, most firms will require that all Chapter 7 attorney fees be paid prior to the filing of the case.

The reason for this is that any debts owed by the client to the attorney at the moment of filing will end up being included in the bankruptcy discharge.

The resulting problem is that many clients, some of whom are undergoing garnishment, are unable to afford paying the entire attorney fee at the beginning of a case, which often ranges from $1,500 to 3,000 for an average case, and even higher in some instances.

Many clients are then forced to file Chapter 13, and pay much more money in attorney fees as well as a dividend to the creditors, all while on a razor-thin budget.

Unbundling Bankruptcy Services

Zooberg Law Firm has a program that “unbundles” its bankruptcy services.

The client signs a pre-petition engagement letter, hiring the firm to file the voluntary petition and list of creditors for zero attorney fees down.

After the petition is filed, the client then has three options:

  1. Retaining the firm to complete the bankruptcy process,
  2. Continuing pro se (without an attorney), or
  3. Hiring another firm to continue the work of putting the case together.

If the client retains Zooberg Law Firm to complete the process, as most of our clients do, the client will sign a “post-petition” engagement letter, agreeing to pay for post-petition services.

Zooberg Law Firm will continue to represent any clients that it files petitions for until an order of the Court removing the firm as counsel is entered.

Affordable Bankruptcy

Call (813) 990-7944 if you are in dire need of bankruptcy protection, and have limited funds on hand.

Call our office now for a free initial consultation.  We will explain in detail about the particulars of this zero-down program that allows you to file bankruptcy with zero attorney fees down.