Fast Financial Relief; Long Term Recovery

The emotional stress from large debts is overwhelming. We can help you find immediate debt relief. Click here to learn about the cost of filing bankruptcy.

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Stop Harassing Calls and Wage Garnishment

We help clients file for bankruptcy in Florida. We will help you achieve the best financial outcome possible. Click here to learn about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy May be the Right Decision for You

We will find the best option for your financial situation. We understand how traumatic this can be. Click here to learn about Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

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Tampa Bankruptcy Attorney Reviews

Mr. Zooberg is totally awesome! Filing bankruptcy is not a pleasant thing to have to do but he puts you at ease throughout the entire process. He was very informative when explaining how the process works. Everything was completed in a very timely manner just as he explained. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone considering filing bankruptcy.
Britt N.
Mr. Zooberg is an excellent attorney. His payment plans make filing for bankruptcy attainable for middle and low income persons. He is prompt to answer any questions that may arise and works diligently to help his clients.
Mr. Zooberg did a great job. everything went exactly as he said it would !!!

If you are considering filing bankruptcy in the Tampa, Florida area, then Zooberg Law Firm, P.A. can help.

There are a few types of bankruptcy filings to consider (outlined below). While filing bankruptcy is a serious matter, we understand that it is often the best case scenario for some clients.

If you need immediate debt relief, then you should know that you are not alone. Peter Zooberg is a compassionate and caring bankruptcy attorney in Tampa who is here to help.

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Our lawyers will help you understand the Florida bankruptcy laws and provide you with bankruptcy information specific to your particular situation. Most clients are surprised to learn that the bankruptcy laws are designed to help you protect your future, and your assets. Filing bankruptcy can help you eliminate your debt and get a fresh start on your finances.

The bankruptcy statutes can be difficult to understand without the skilled legal representation of an experienced bankruptcy lawyer. The most likely scenario is that only one chapter of the Bankruptcy Code is the best fit for your situation, even though each can help you eliminate debt obligations and provide protection against repossession and lawsuits.

Call now to consult with our Tampa based bankruptcy attorneys.

What Happens to My Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy?

In most cases, there is a good chance that you will be able to get credit after your case goes through the bankruptcy courts.

Some clients are surprised to find that once their debt load is cleared credit card companies are more likely to issues new cards to them. Once you have taken the steps needed to rebuild your credit, you will likely be able to purchase a house or car again.

Florida Bankruptcy Attorney (813) 990-7944

The first step in this process can bring immediate emotional relief. Looming financial stress (like that leading up to bankruptcy) can negatively affect your health. Do not face this alone, or let it drag on any longer than it needs to. Call the Zooberg Law Firm, P.A. today.