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How Old Do You Have To Be To File For Bankruptcy

Filing Bankruptcy Young One popular misconception is that most of the people who file for bankruptcy are people of a certain age who have been financially irresponsible for years. That is people who misuse credit cards or people who buy expensive homes, cars and other things they don’t really need with loans that they cannot […]

Can A Garnishment Follow You To Another Job?

Changing Jobs To Avoid Wage Garnishment The act of creditors receiving money directly from your paycheck to satisfy a debt is called wage garnishment. Creditors can only do this with permission from a court. Sadly, wage garnishment often sends most debtors into a financial tailspin. Most of the time it is the IRS that garnishes […]

Partial Bankruptcy

Partial Bankruptcy In Florida Most people drowning in credit card debt, have lost their jobs ,are unable to pay their bills, or have fallen behind in mortgage payments consider filing for bankruptcy. But a significant number of people view filing for bankruptcy as an extreme move, and wonder whether it is possible to file for […]