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Cross Collateralization And Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy And Cross Collateralization Since people have different financial situations, the circumstances around their bankruptcies are also different. Just because person A filed for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and got back on their feet does not mean that the same will happen to person B if they file. One reason why bankruptcy may work differently […]

You Must Be This Many Years Old To File Bankruptcy

Age To File Bankruptcy Not all people get into debt because they were irresponsible with credit cards in an effort to keep up appearances. The reason why there has been a surge in bankruptcy filing by seniors is because of healthcare, scams targeted at the elderly, and the shrinking social safety net. Filing Bankruptcy Young […]

Secured vs Unsecured Debt – Which are discharged in bankruptcy?

What Debts Can I get Rid Of in Bankruptcy Filing for bankruptcy is a one way to get relief from collection efforts from your creditors. However, that depends on the type of debt you owe. This means that there are debts that can be discharged through bankruptcy but there are others that cannot. For your […]

Florida Wage Garnishment Laws

Wage Garnishment Florida If you are in debt and cannot repay what you owe, there are various sophisticated methods your creditor can use to collect the money you owe them. They can do this through wage garnishment, which involves seizing your wages, money in your bank account, or your vehicle or assets. Wage garnishment normally […]

Emergency Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure

Are you facing foreclosure or car repossession? An emergency bankruptcy filing may be able to stop these actions in their tracks. Our Tampa bankruptcy attorneys do NOT advise to wait until the last moment to file bankruptcy. However, it is possible to file a bankruptcy petition before your property is seized. Call (813) 990-7944 for […]

Bankruptcy and Student Loans

Many students rely on student loans to complete their college degree. They depend upon their job and salary to pay enough for them to repay the debt. At the end of your college career, you easily could have more than $20,000 of debt to pay off. But what do you do if you are not […]

Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act – Brief Overview

Anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties in Florida should understand the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act, or FCCPA. This is a state law that protects you from unfair debt collection practices. The FCCPA specifically states the abusive debt collection practices that are illegal. The law also provides legal remedies for those who have experienced illegal […]

Repossession Laws in Florida – Bankruptcy Attorney Explains

One of the worst parts of being in financial trouble for many people in Florida is auto repossession. If you can’t make your car loan payment, your vehicle can repossessed. Losing your car can be frightening, stressful and embarrassing. For many Floridians, losing a car can devastate their ability to work, get the children to […]