Tampa Foreclosure Defense Lawyer – Save your home…

It is possible to save your home from foreclosure in the Tampa, Florida area. Attorney Peter Zooberg explains the foreclosure defense process in this short video.

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Emergency Bankruptcy Filing to Stop Foreclosure

Many attorneys use bankruptcy as a tool to save your home from foreclosure.

Late mortgage payments can cause the bank to foreclose on your home. However, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process altogether.

Once you file under Chapter 13 with the Bankruptcy Court, your home is immediately protected from foreclosure by the federal court system (“the Automatic Stay”).

At this point, creditors are not allowed to engage in any kind of collection activity regarding your debt. By law the collection phone calls and letters must stop, any foreclosure or repossession activities must also stop.

During the Ch 13 process, you should continue making your normal monthly mortgage payment. You also make a payment to the Bankruptcy Trustee who allocates a portion of that payment towards paying off your mortgage arrears.

Keep in mind that you need to file the Chapter 13 with the bankruptcy court before the actual foreclosure sale takes place (time is of the essence, call us now).

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Can You Defend Yourself from Foreclosure in Tampa, Florida?

There are several foreclosures per year in the Tampa area. Many home owners suffer from lower income, higher property taxes and higher home owner insurance costs. Added together, some people still have trouble making their monthly mortgage payment.

If that is you, it is important to understand the basics of Florida foreclosure law. After this brief review, please contact our Tampa foreclosure attorneys if you have any questions.

Florida Foreclosure Overview

Your mortgage lender can start foreclosure when the loan is in default by sending you a demand letter. If you cannot pay, the lender starts the foreclosure.

The lender will file a Lis Pendens and Complaint. This begins the foreclosure.

You must respond in a timely manner, and if you fail to respond in the allotted time period, then you may waive your defense to the foreclosure.

If you do receive a foreclosure complaint, we advise that you call our office immediately. We can help you take the steps necessary to stop the foreclosure process.