Tampa Foreclosure Defense Lawyer – Save your home…

It is possible to save your home from foreclosure in the Tampa, Florida area. Attorney Peter Zooberg explains the foreclosure defense process in this short video. If you need help saving your home from foreclosure, then call the Zooberg Law Firm at (813) 990-7944 for a consultation. Emergency Bankruptcy Filing to Stop Foreclosure Many attorneys […]

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney in Tampa, Florida

Many of our potential clients ask us whether they should file under Chapter 13 or under Chapter 7. We have found that in most cases, Chapter 7 is the best option, but this video discusses when Chapter 13 may be more appropriate. Peter Zooberg is a bankruptcy lawyer in Tampa, FL (813) 990-7944. Tampa Ch […]

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer – Tampa, FL – How to File

Peter Zooberg is a bankruptcy attorney in Tampa, Florida (813) 990-7944. This video discusses the process for filing Chapter 7 in Florida and a few interesting points that each potential client should be made aware of. How to File Chapter 7 in Florida In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy we will list all of your debts […]

Florida Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – Info Sheet FDCPA

The Florida Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (linked here) (FDCPA) is an important Florida law that protects consumers. In an attempt to keep consumer debt collectors in line, the law explicitly defines what abusive debt collection practices are. It also provides legal recourse for those who have been illegally harassed by creditors. Under the FDCPA, […]

Debt Relief from Medical Bills – Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

Tampa, Florida Attorney Peter Zooberg talks about how to get debt relief from your unpaid medical bills. Call (813) 990-7944 for a no obligation consultation. Huge medical bills can financially devastate any family, especially when the person in need of medical care is the primary wage earner in the home.   If you are confronted […]

Tampa Florida Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Just wanted to post a quick overview of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Florida. Call (813) 990-7944 if you would like to talk to an attorney. If your Florida business is teetering on bankruptcy, then you are not alone. The market can take a down turn, you lose a few contracts, and the next thing you […]