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Huge medical bills can financially devastate any family, especially when the person in need of medical care is the primary wage earner in the home.


If you are confronted with massive medical bills that you cannot pay, talk to a medical debt discharge attorney in Tampa, Florida.

We can assist you in getting relief from your unpaid medical bills, including, possibly filing for bankruptcy.

How Medical Debt Is Treated in Bankruptcy

When filing for bankruptcy, your debts will be broken into different sections. Some debts are tagged for priority treatment, and may not be eliminated.

The good news is that medical debt is not among them. In a bankruptcy proceeding, medical bills are treated as unsecured debts. They are no different than credit cards, personal loans and other unsecured debts. So, medical bill debt can be canceled with a bankruptcy filing.

However, there are certain criteria you must meet to qualify for this type of bankruptcy, and you should contact your attorney immediately to get the specifics on your case.

Under Chapter 7, there is not any limit to the amount of medical bill debt that can be discharged. However, your income must be under a certain amount to qualify.

Under Chapter 13, your medical bills are combined with all other unsecured debts in a repayment plan. The amount that you have to pay back over the three or five year term will depend upon one’s income, expenses and assets.

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Many people end up in serious financial jeopardy due to medical debt and unpaid medical bills.

Our Tampa, Florida bankruptcy attorneys can help you to decide what to do about your unpaid medical bills. Our law firm offers a no obligation consultation so that you can consult with an attorney about your bankruptcy situation.

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